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I’ve always found myself feeling that the clothing options for women who want to be fashionable, but still remain modest, are very limited.
We could either buy ready to wear garments, which come with its own set of challenges.Finding matching fabric to add sleeves on to it, or make a pants with it because it’s too short, or wear a scarf around the neck because the neckline is too low.

Then there’s the option of  having something tailor made.But we all have at some point experienced the anxiety of having a dress stitched.Will it turn out like the picture, will the fabrics suit the style?Will it fit well?And custom made tailoring these days comes at premium prices ,if you want half decent tailoring.And this is just for special occasions.

But what about clothing for everyday?Tracksuits, shirts, casual dresses?To find any of these items in a longer length and not tight fitting or open is really challenging. And what about fashionable ,modest swimwear?

And so the search began; for designers who provided good quality, affordable and fashionable modest women’s clothing which has culminated to THIS -an online concept store offering modest wear for any occasion.

Haute Hayah endeavours to provide that one stop shopping experience catering to the stylish, sophisticated ,fashion conscious   woman who wants to cover up.

Special occasion dresses with long sleeves, closed necklines, fully lined all made with superior quality fabrics and tailoring.
Fully covered stylish swimsuits in gorgeous colours and styles,all made with lightweight quick drying special swimsuit fabrics.
Leisure wear featuring long length tracksuit tops and shirts,beautiful smart casual wear.
We have also feature a stunning range of cover ups and abayas in our collections.

Haute Hayah is a collection of chic, contemporary and affordable modest wear for the sophisticated woman.


Halima Patel – Founder

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